Why Choose Us?

Our Philosophy

  • We believe that a beautiful, healthy smile is the gift of a lifetime. It affects every interaction with every person, every day.
  • We are committed to delivering the individualized care and attention our patients deserve.
  • We feel fortunate to work in a profession where we can provide a positive and lifelong change for someone’s future.

Our Principles

  1. Excellence in clinical care
  2. Outstanding patient experience
  3. Great interpersonal relationships

In our office you will not feel as if you’re on an assembly line. Your family will get personalized attention. We think of our patients as our extended family. Many “grow up” in our office during their most formative years. We want that experience to be positive and worthwhile.

Dr. Koehler Zell is well known for her conservative treatment. She only prescribes what is needed to meet each patient’s specific needs. She keeps the patient’s best interest in mind and at heart. Some of her best accomplishments involve simple early interventions that prevent the need for later, more involved treatment.

Creating healthy and beautiful smiles takes thoughtful consideration and time, not to mention years of specialized training and commitment to the highest standards of practice. We believe that your smile is worth it.